About Us

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”- Margaret Mead

When caring for our loved ones, in their homes, we were shocked by all the medications, confusing paperwork, and complexity of tools available for “unskilled” caregivers. We were passing dangerous meds, taking life threatening vitals, organizing meals and coordinating appointments.  Instructions came by reading from, and filling out, error prone paper forms.  We tried the available software, the apps presented a bunch of eye straining electronic forms, not much better than paper.  It was scary and lonely.

So, we set out to work with professional “unskilled” caregivers and nurses to design a system putting the individual being cared for in their home, and the caregiver, at the center of the process. Thankfully our prior background in healthcare systems gave us a good base, we partnered with healthcare providers, and added others to the team with a similar passion.

It turned out to be pretty simple, the caregiver wanted to be reminded of what needed to be done, with easy access to more supporting information, and to easily report outcomes.  The solution was a scheduler app prompting the caregiver when a med, vital, care task or appointment is due, and at a touch of a button, report from a short selection of outcomes. These outcomes are then placed on reports to help the individual, caregiver, their healthcare team, or regulatory agency track health and wellness.

To combat the risk of error and sense of isolation (loneliness) we added alerts to events, so that if a med was missed or a vital out of range, an alert is sent to a pre-established care coordination team.  In this way, for example, a Nurse or Doctor can be informed if something is going wrong with the care or health of an individual.

Of course, to make something simple at the point of care, required configurability and communication behind the scenes, because when we looked at the big picture, many other individuals and systems were involved in the care chain: Other Caregivers, Nurses, Prescribers, Pharmacists, Family Members, Insurers, etc.  It really wasn’t lonely out there at all.  It was just difficult to communicate because of all the paper.  So it took some more work to securely integrate and interface with all the stakeholders, in order to minimize data input, and maximize communication, but we never forgot the main objective to keep it simple at the point of care.

Same as we wanted our system to be easy to use, we wanted it to be easy to start to use.  We devised a rapid onboarding process and a simple monthly subscription model. Subscribers only pay when an individual actively needs care, and subscribers become part of our family, with their subscription going toward support and expanding the functionality of the system for all users.

Please join us in our mission, by subscribing, to keep individuals with healthcare challenges safe in their home and community.

We create apps for caring people 😊.