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How To Best Reduce Med Errors

Every year, nonadherence and adverse drug effects lead to nearly 1.3 million emergency room visits in the U.S. alone.

Significant reduction in adverse risks to your clients, and an increased accuracy and efficiency of transcription, can happen when pharmacies connect directly with MedSupport®.

Better communication means better health outcomes.

In turn, MedSupport® encourages a culture of higher reliability and accountability, which results in less visits to physicians and the ER.

Having a system that effectively manages your workflow, while improving your efficiency, just makes sense.

MedSupport® contributes to reducing med errors in the following ways:

  • Patient care is improved when administrators can respond to notifications of unacknowledged prompts.
  • Smoother transitions between shifts occurs, when you have a streamlined process and standardize documentation.
  • Reporting outcomes becomes easier for your care coordination team when you have a reliable tool like MedSupport®.
  • When process runs fluidly, your organization and nursing staff have less reported errors, assuring licensing compliance.
  • When systems are improved, it means less turnover and onboarding costs, and increased caregiver satisfaction.

We understand your time is valuable. And by reducing medical errors, your day can be focused on what you do best...caring for others.

Please join us in the CaraSolva mission:
Improving Health Outcomes