CareSupport® Wellness Management

CaraSolva’s CareSupport® expands the capabilities of CaraSolva’s MedSupport® medication administration solution, focusing on monitoring wellness of those with chronic health conditions and documenting outcomes. CareSupport® accurately tracks daily life events, including behaviors, bowel movements, incidents, ADL’s, weight change, sleep, exercise, and nutrition. The resulting charts trend life events and highlight health outcomes. Outcomes that include reducing ER visits, as well as painful and costly interventions. Reports, both at the individual and population level, provide the documentation to demonstrate successes as well as understand improvements needed to impact quality of life.

CareSupport Solution:

  • Electronic health records (EHR) document daily ad hoc activities resulting in real-time trending reports of wellness over time.
  • Intuitive interface for Caregivers to record events as they happen. CareSupport monitors changes in conditions and provides alerts for early intervention, which has shown to improve wellness and reduce ER visits.
  • CareSupport provides validation of quality care, resulting in successful audits and reduced risk.
  • Reporting and analytic tools allow more time for direct client interaction.
  • The accuracy of data collected is greatly improved and productivity is increased.
  • Track health events, incidents, behaviors, ADLs, etc. to individual plans.

Wellness Management Reports:

Bowel Movement Tracking & Reporting On-Demand Activities of Daily Living & Reporting On-Demand Incidents & Reporting
On-Demand Observations & Reporting On-Demand Vitals & Reporting Exercise Tracking
Nutrition Tracking Seizure Tracking  Vital Graph: Weight/BMI
Vital Graph: Pulse Vital Graph: Respirations  Vital Graph: Pulse Ox


CareSupport Product Sheet ePoint of Care Features and Reports