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How Do We Create a Better Workflow?

Our goal is to become second nature in your daily process.

By integrating a workflow that compliments your team, MedSupport® provides an effective and efficient transition that best serves your clients and staff. Our workflow has been designed and adapted in support of Home & Community Based Service Providers (HCBS).

Over many years, CaraSolva has developed a proven and repeatable process that works for migrating agencies from paper and pencil to eMAR.

While transitioning to a new process may bring up concerns, new and different needn’t be difficult.

Our Better Workflow:

Features provide a natural progression and continuity with built-in reporting and real-time accessibility to records.

Removes the error prone risks and confusion of having multiple paper documents (in different handwriting) at the point of care.

Auto-scheduling of medications from secure transfer of pharmacy prescription data.

New clients easily accepted in by using Pharmacy Interface.

Changes to MARs during a month are updated automatically with changes for clarity and accuracy.

Helps nursing and management work effectively with point of care staff, through remote access, by continually providing accessible status and risks.

Empowers remote staff, with a fluid point of care workflow.

Our objective at CaraSolva is to provide the flexible support for your specific needs. We’re focused on transitions as seamless as possible.