Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will MedSupport warn staff if a PRN is being administered too soon after it has already been administered?

Answer: Yes. A specific window of time can be set up for each PRN and if a staff member tries to administer the PRN too soon, a warning message will pop up informing the staff member that it is too soon to give the medication.


Question: Can you put a client on-leave and does it get reflected on the MAR?

Answer: Yes. A client can be placed on-leave in both the front office by staff (with appropriate permissions) and in the back office. By default, a "L" symbol is placed on the MAR in place of staff initials for all doses where the client is on-leave. If you need to customize the symbol based on the type of leave (Therapeutic, Hospital, Retainer, Vacation), you are able to set up a drop-down list that can be selected when the client is placed on-leave.