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Home and Community is Where the Heart Is

If you are like me, as soon as you step into an institutional healthcare setting, like a hospital or a nursing home, you feel suddenly less healthy than you did just minutes before when you were free on the outside gamboling around. I want to stay in the community as long as I can for any healthcare needs. It feels more natural and comfortable to be in my home with friends, family and familiar things close by. My mental state is just way better having not crossed that threshold between community life and being institutionalized. That’s not to say there is not a place for hospitals and nursing homes. Totally understand that, in certain healthcare situations, I may need to be monitored every few hours and have rapid access to acute care specialists. The future of healthcare though, is bringing that monitoring and acute care specialty, cost effectively, to the individual in the community.

That’s why it is so exciting working at CaraSolva with care providers who provide services to individuals living in the community who need some support. The US government calls this Home & Community Based Services. Individuals who only a few years ago would have been institutionalized. Primarily we are talking about individuals living in their own home or community with mental illness, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and/or physical disabilities. Our software service helps these individuals and their care providers monitor care and co-ordinate with doctors and other clinicians in the community. This is the future of healthcare.

I’m so jazzed by the community care movement that, when we needed to move CaraSolva to larger office space, we found a relatively unique (at least in Boulder, Colorado) office community in a mixed use development. Our office is right in the middle of a residential community. On a daily basis we interact with the other companies on our walking street, but also the residents, who live on the second floor, and their pets (picture above is Raj who occasionally wanders into our office, and on some days, joins us at the conference room table).

Like the Home and Community Based Services provided by our customers, we as a company are rooted in our community, not afflicted with that isolation inflicted by institutionalization. It takes a village.