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Join the Bowel Movement

One of the topics I touched on briefly in my talk at the Alt.1 conference, was the challenge of helping individuals with chronic health conditions enjoy the health and wellness benefits of a regular bowel movement. It sounds mundane, but can have a big benefit.

For everyone, but especially individuals with chronic health conditions, intellectual or physical disabilities, a regular and healthy bowel movement is an important component of health and wellness. If you are on medications that disrupt digestion, or the action of the colon, or denied physical activity, then you become prone to chronic constipation. If left unaddressed, let’s say no healthy bowel movement in 3 days, you are at risk of a very painful (and expensive) visit to the ER for a fecal impaction procedure. I will spare you the details, on a pain parallel for women maybe not as intense as childbirth, but for men, you know that shudder of fear, and impending pain, during your prostate exam when you hear the doctor (gleefully?) snap on the rubber glove. Now imagine him, or her, extracting rocks from that same space, while charging you a couple of thousand dollars, and you get an idea why we want to help individuals avoid this.

So, it has been exciting over the past year as CaraSolva extended MedSupport® eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) with a Bowel Management capability in our CareSupport® module. This allows individuals and their caregivers to track the frequency of bowel movement, type of bowel movement, (often an indicator of health status), and take appropriate dietary or laxative action, before a painful, and expensive intervention is needed.

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For a humorous look at the process of categorizing types of bowel movement feel free to view the following video clip from the British television series, “Getting On”.