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Let’s Improve Staff Performance!

CaraSolva is always looking for ways to help your organization improve staff performance while increasing work satisfaction, not to mention decreasing employee turnover.   A well-supported staff means a more productive team who provide better attention to your clients' health outcomes.
With MedSupport®, your staff is provided with up-to-date, shift-specific instructions to help them accurately meet their daily objectives.
It’s that simple.
Your team stays focused on what matters: your clients' health and happiness.   That makes everyone's life better.
Our eMar system:
  • Provides enhanced controls for Administrators to:
    • Assign and manage user roles and staff access
    • Report and validate outcomes with defined and custom reporting

  • Trains your staff online:
    • Allows on-demand access for on-demand training
    • More efficiency with role-based certifications

  • Acknowledge and track course accomplishments
  • Insures caregiver access to updated prescriptions.
  • CaraSolva's Pharmacy Interface leads to a reduction in med errors.
  • Allows for easy, accurate recording of quality of life indicators.
MedSupport contributes to your caregivers feeling more fulfilled in their daily work, while improving overall health outcomes for the folks they care for.
See how our intuitive service helps caring professionals do what they do best...make clients' lives better.