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MedSupport Software Release

January 22, 2019

CaraSolva is very excited to announce the excellent new features included in our latest software release. Please see below for a list of new features and enhancements you can expect on Tuesday, January 22nd !

New Features:

  • New MAR Review Page for Nurses
  • Schedule a Medication and Vital Together
  • New Client Search Bar
  • New House Task Report
  • User Login Report
  • Missing eSignature Warning
  • Location Hierarchy on Left Menu


  • Notes Pop-Up
  • Discontinued Medication Documentation on MAR
  • All Schedule Page
  • Total Events Completed Report
  • User List Report
  • Select All Locations in User Access
  • Periodic Schedule Format Change
Get more details about the new features, enhancements and bug fixes included in the release by clicking the button below.