MedSupport® eMAR Medication Administration

CaraSolva’s MedSupport® includes the main intelligence that drives and automates nursing and caregiver functions. The scheduling and administration of medications, as well as scheduled vitals and tasks, are automated with the compliant eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record). With the add-on Pharmacy Interface module, prescriptions are automatically scheduled into MedSupport®. Alerts allow for early intervention, such as a medication issue or vital being out of an acceptable range. Eliminating paper MAR’s has been demonstrated to greatly reduce medication errors as well as save valuable caregiver time.

Problem MedSupport℠ Solution
Paper MARs are only accessible from a physical location eMARs, and other related documentation are accessible from any location
MARs become out-of-date as medications and prescriptions change Instant medication changes, MARs are always up-to-date
High staff turnover increases training costs Online training and training certification accelerates on-boarding
Audits Med error reduction. Instant MAR access. Don't risk your license!
Medications not given, or not administered in a timely manner Customizable text alerts increase staff accountability and provide real-time management oversite.
Managing multiple homes Reduce complexity with web-based accessibility and architecture designed for HCBS
PCs not located where medications are administered Tablets are an ideal way to manage medication passes with MedSupport
Managing multiple forms and data sources Provides for MARs, TARs, Face Sheets, Nurses Notes, Physician Order Forms, PRNs, Med Error documentation and more
Lack of medication familiarity Drug guide provides visual representation, as well as identification, dosages, side effects, etc.


MAR Electronic Signature Med, Task, & Vital Prompts Drug Guide
Shift Counts PRN/OTC Meds PRN Order Sets Pharmacy Interface (optional)
Med-Error Tracking Diagnoses and Allergies Alerts – Text and eMail Vitals Charting
PRN Thresholds Medical Information Dietary Orders Day Program (optional)
Single Sign-On (optional) Nurse & Staff Notes On Leave Tracking Immunizations/Vaccines
ADL Tracking      


Day Program Functionality (Optional):

A Day Program can be added to your MedSupport locations. Add a scheduled time-range and then add your client to the Day Program and all medications will display on a single eMAR. Medications, tasks, and vital prompts for the Day Program will only show during the selected time range, but will also display and update in the residence. Non-resident individuals, or individuals who reside with another agency can be added to the Day Program at a reduced cost.


Medication Administration Certification Services

As the best point of care system for Home and Community based service providers, CaraSolva systems are designed to support Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who have achieved their state Medication Administration Certification.  As such CaraSolva provides the ability to track state Medication Administration Certification status within the system, and will warn staff and management when a certification needs to be achieved or renewed.  If a certification is not active then a user can be denied system access to perform a med pass.  This is a highly beneficial feature for providers with high DSP turnover. Feel free to contact us and we will get this feature rolling for you. 

Furthermore, in some states, like Ohio, CaraSolva provides a service to update Medication Administration Certification in CaraSolva directly from the Department of Developmental Disabilities(DODD) Medication Administration Information System(MAIS), avoiding risk and saving hours of data input.  


MedSupport Product Sheet ePoint of Care Features and Reports