Pharmacy Interface

The Pharmacy Interface (PI) Module complements MedSupport by interfacing directly with your pharmacy.

In order to meet compliance and regulation requirements, the pharmacy interface transfers data via the HL7 international healthcare standard format. Medication prescriptions are transmitted directly from the pharmacy management system to MedSupport where the prescription waits to be received and verified by staff. Once the prescription has been received, it is automatically scheduled.

MedSupport’s PI currently has production interfaces with the following Long-Term Care Pharmacy systems:

FrameworkLTC QS/1
McKesson Pharmaserv RS Software
Omnicare RX30
PioneerRx Suite RX
Prodigy Computer-RX

The benefits realized by Providers are many-fold:

  • Medication changes are instant and eMARs are always up-to-date.
  • Auto-scheduling of medications
  • Reduced delivery and transcription errors.
  • Bring new clients into MedSupport directly from the pharmacy.
  • Instant pharmacy notification if pharmacy adds, edit, or deletes medications.
  • Facilities confirm and accept delivery, promoting a closed communication loop.
  • Printed MARs are no longer a critical piece of records management.


Pharmacy Interface Product Sheet ePoint of Care Features and Reports