Service Features

CaraSolva’s Point-of-Care Management Software is designed to automate and simplify the daily tasks performed by nurses, professional caregivers, and family members caring for individuals in their community. The simple, efficient, and secure web-based system provides caregivers functionality and more time to do what they do best—taking care of people, improving health outcomes, and providing care co-ordination.

CaraSolva was founded with the simple belief that the cost and efficiency to deploy software services to care giving providers can be dramatically improved via web-based delivery. CaraSolva products are simple to use, easy to deploy, expandable, and secure. Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) will specifically benefit from an architecture design that is very well suited to managing care for a distributed population.

CaraSolva is dedicated to improving lives and reducing costs for those who give care and those in need of care.

Features Benefits
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web-based, 24x7, scalable, no hardware or software investment, transparent and universal upgrades.
Real-time Prompting Manage the workflow in the houses and address accountability with your staff and management.
Always Compliant Reporting Address compliance issues, and quickly respond to the new regulations. MARs are stored in the cloud and accessible from the cloud.
Standardized Care Standardize training and reduce the time for staff training. Be productive faster!
Real-time Notifications for Oversite Reduce costly monthly and quarterly nursing review processes.
Secure Disaster-safe Data Off-site, 24x7/365 redundant environment, multi-tier data mirroring and backup.
Flexible Implementation Implement houses on your schedule.
Online Training Online training allows you to train your staff as you need. Role-based certification.
Tracking for Medicine Passes, Vitals, ADLs, and Behavior Comprehensive management at the Point-of-Care.
Pharmacy Interface Auto-scheduling of medications, notification of pharmacy waiting, new clients entered directly from pharmacy
HIPAA Compliance Products meet HIPAA compliance by encrypting vital personal data. System Administrator manages security rules for your facility.