Professional Services

Development Services

As a cloud application provider, we continually add functionality to CaraSolva applications. Development priorities are based on both feedback and requests from our subscribers, as well as CaraSolva’s assessment of market need. However, you may have a high priority need for a feature not in the development plan. In this case, our Development team will work in a Professional Services engagement, with your team, to develop features and functionalities, incorporating them into the application.

Information Services

Every customer has mission-critical healthcare data securely stored in your CaraSolva database. Much of this data is accessible via standard reporting. However, you may have specific, unique, or ad-hoc reporting needs to answer key health related queries, such as; Which individuals are on a medication with a specific diagnosis? How many times in the past 12 months was a vital out of a range? How many PRNs were given for bowel movement? Which individuals have a high-risk diagnosis? How many times were psychotropic meds passed? Our Information Services professionals can work with you to deploy a graphically-oriented desktop. Allowing you to drill down to answer these questions, both from your desktop and mobile.

Geo-Location Services

With HCBS, clients and staff are typically distributed across a wide geography. It can be critical to know where staff are passing meds. With Geo-Location Services, we can help you track where and when staff are logged into CaraSolva systems so that you can be secure in the knowledge that services are being documented in client homes or in approved locations.

Health Check

CaraSolva applications are highly configurable and powerful. Typically, our customers start out using the system to track high value and high-risk events such as medication passes and vitals tracking. However, the system can also track behaviors, tasks, incidents, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and calendar events. Our Professional Services team can look at your use of the system and recommend features that can be added or amended to optimize your operation to further reduce paper, increase efficiencies and improve health outcomes. We have a large library of reports and configured events (for example how to track Type 1 diabetes, or track bowel movements, etc.) that can be shared. Our Subject Matter Experts work with many providers and can bring best practices to your company. The idea is to keep you tuned up.

Single Sign On (SSO) Services

CaraSolva is very focused on being the best point of care system for Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS). As such, we realize that you may have other systems in place. To minimize the number of User IDs and passwords your staff have to remember and manage, we provide a service to allow CaraSolva systems to be launched from within a user authentication system. So that, for example, your staff can have a single User ID and password for CaraSolva and Office 365, or any number of other systems. In instances of high-turnover, significant IT efficiencies can be achieved through SSO implementation.

Integration Services

As a best-in-class point-of-care system for HBCS providers, CaraSolva is adept at integrating with other systems that support your enterprise and coordinated care in your community. We currently integrate with many Pharmacy Management, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Case Management, and Document Management Systems. CaraSolva accomplishes this through a series of secure integration services to minimize data duplication and user ID replication. CaraSolva welcomes the opportunity to integrate with your systems. We aspire to participate in your organizations business efficiencies and optimization.


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