See For Yourself What MedSupport®
Can Do For Your Organization

MedSupport eMAR Helps Home and Community-Based Service (HCBS) Organizations Reduce Med Errors, Automate Med Management Workflows, and Improve Staff Performance


Carasolva's MedSupport is easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use, web based software that integrates with most long-term care pharmacies. Simple intelligence that organizes and automates repeatable medication management functions. 

MedSupport auto-schedules medications and events, such as vitals, activities, reports, and scheduling functions.

It also provides customizable alerts so nursing and caregiver staff can focus on the business of caring and know that if something needs their attention, they will be notified.

What to expect:

A conversation to make sure we understand the needs of your organization and the clients you care for.

An overview of Carasolva and the benefits you should expect when partnering with us.

A live demonstration of MedSupport eMAR with administration, end-user, and pharmacy interface workflows.

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