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How to Set Up Your Day Program Through MedSupport with One eMAR Solution


During the past few years, several CaraSolva providers have approached us in search of a solid solution for their Day Programs. Clients will often participate in day programs that are not provided by their residential agency, and likely don’t have authorization for access to the client’s medication administration records (MAR).

The day program providers usually document medication administration on paper. When done on paper separately, it is up to the residential provider to keep and maintain two different MARs.  The client’s primary provider may not immediately know if the client was provided their medications at the day program, unless paper MARs are travelling with the client, which is risky. Transporting MARs is an option, but this always comes with HIPAA exposure.

MedSupport eMAR offers a central place for staff to administer and chart medications, tasks, vitals, etc. while the nursing and management teams can monitor and view what is happening with clients in real-time.  There is no need to physically go to the site to review the MAR. No need to scan and send a copy of the paper MAR. A simple login to MedSupport with specific access allows your team to see what is happening at multiple sites within seconds.  Users of MedSupport can be given access to only the sites they are authorized to work with, allowing full HIPAA compliance.

We knew it would be valuable to offer providers with a Day Program solution within MedSupport because it has secure role and location-based access capabilities.  Many providers eagerly asked how it could be done.

Challenge Accepted!

The CaraSolva development team took the feedback from providers and began putting their heads together to determine the best course of action. There were two important goals they needed to conquer to develop a Day Program feature.

  • Ensure HIPAA privacy for clients
  • Incorporate onto one eMAR?

After researching and discussing many different ideas, the team came up with an impressive solution!

Providers can set up a location and flag it as a Day Program and set the day program hours (i.e. The day program is open from 8AM – 5PM).  When the hours are set, prompts will be visible for that location, only during designated hours.  You can also go into the client’s profile and add the existing client to the day program while he/she is assigned to a residential home location at the same time. You can also add the client to multiple day programs if needed.

Benefits of Day Programs:

HIPAA Compliant
Your Day Program staff can be set up with access to only the Day Program location and see only the clients and meds they will be working with. The will also only see medication prompts during the time of day the Day Program is open.  For example, Day Program is open from 8AM to 5PM, staff will never see bedtime medications but will see any prompts scheduled during the day. Residential staff can see all prompts.

Two Locations, One Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
The system is designed to record one client’s medication administration record and tie it to a single eMAR so that staff at the end of the month will have one aggregate eMAR for their state-required documentation.

What if the client is sick and doesn’t go to the day program?
No problem! Prompts are visible to staff at the home and whenever either the residential provider or day program staff administers a medication, the prompts are updated in both places in real-time.


Adding a MedSupport Day Program is free to providers with existing residential clients attending the provider’s Day Program!

The best part of the Day Program feature, is that it is available to existing residential clients at no additional charge. We also offer eMAR to Day Program-Only clients at a discounted cost.

For Day and Vocational Program Providers, with no residential program, CaraSolva eMAR is a great fit.

If adding a Day Program to your MedSupport account is something you have been looking for, please contact the CaraSolva team for more information!