What is an eMAR? Everything you need to know.

eMAR overview

What is an eMAR? MAR stands for Medication Administration Record, and an electronic medication administration record is an electronic version of this record. An eMAR system can help nurses and direct care professionals keep track of which medications each patient has been prescribed and when they need to be administered. The eMAR can also help nurses and direct care professionals avoid medication errors, as it can provide them with real-time alerts if a patient is due for a medication or if they have already received one.

The most basic way to answer the question “What is an eMAR?” would be – software for electronic medication management at the point of care.

Benefits of using an electronic medication administration include:

  • Improved accuracy, legibility, and timeliness of documentation
  • Reduced transcription costs
  • Better coordination of care among providers
  • Improved disease management and public health reporting

eMAR systems typically include features such as the ability to create notes, checklists, and order sets. As more and more hospitals and residential care facilities adopt this technology, it is important for providers to be familiar with how an eMAR works.

How does an eMAR work?Ā 

An electronic medication administration typically runs on a tablet PC or laptop computer in the clinical or group home setting. An electronic medication administration is often integrated with the pharmacy that supports the hospital or residential care facility. The clinician enters orders into the eMAR, which are then electronically transmitted to the pharmacy for dispensing. Medications are typically bar-coded at the time of administration to ensure that the right patient receives the correct medication.

Electronic medication administration have many benefits over paper MARs. They can help reduce medication errors, improve communication among members of the health care team, and provide patients with better information about their medication regimens. In addition, eMARs can save time and money by reducing the need for chart reviews and other manual processes.

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